vfxAlert — the ideal cryptocurrency trading software

You are looking for perfect cryptocurrency trading software? Try vfxAlert! This advanced program will allow you to trade with any broker in any country. The interface of vfxAlert is convenient and handy. All important data is situated in one working window. vfxAlert is compatible with all operating systems (Windows. MAC OS, Ubuntu). Plus, vfxAlert will give you numerous analytical instruments that will ease the trading process. Market trends and various indicators will show you the changes in the price. Online charts will display the trading signal in real-time. The economic calendar will present the necessary financial news. Heatmaps assist with assessing the gainfulness of the signal in short time periods. Watch the video to see the vfxAlert program

For successful trading, there is necessary to understand what is the trading signal. Signals are the alerts with the proposals of whether a trader should put or call. Signal incorporates the necessary information about equity. These cautions show up when a few foreordained variables coordinate. It is important to comprehend that the signal is just a suggestion, not a call to action. Here is the structure of the trading signal. Let’s look at the structure of the vfxAlert signal.

Structure of signal

1. Asset — currency pair.  

2. Price — price when a signal emerges.    

3. Time — the time when a signal emerges. 

4. Expiration — the time of the signal’s expiration. 

5. Power — number of profitable options in the past with the current combination of indicators. 

6. Signal — CALL or PUT options.

7. Algorithm — algorithm of signal generation.

8. Heatmap — Statistical winning percentage calculated for the values of the technical indicator on different timeframes.

                 Perfect trading with vfxAlert



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