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Cryptocurrency or electronic currency is the virtual money that is assured by cryptography. To exchange cryptocurrencies they often use blockchain. The most known cryptocurrencies are bitcoin and litcoin. Cryptocurrencies are popular because they are notable for higher returns as compared to traditional assets. Plus, trades effectuated in cryptocurrencies are direct. They are totally decentralized with no involvement from money related organization like banks. Information on exchanges and trades is shared progressively in real-time and updated just once the two participants of trade come to an agreement.

If you are looking for software, that will allow you to operate with cryptocurrencies, try vfxAlert! This software will permit you to exchange various assets including digital money. All information is located in one working window. You can choose any broker’s platform that is available in your country. vfxAlert provides traders with numerous analytical tools. Here are these tools:

  • online charts of different types;

  • market trends displaying the market sentiment;

  • heatmaps with signal’s statistical data;

  • economic calendar with the latest financial news. 

Watch the video and see all these instruments

If you want to trade without issues, you need to understand the nature of the trading signal. The signals for digital money are the alerts with the guess of whether a trader should sell or buy. The signal incorporates the main information about the trading asset. These alerts show up when several foreordained factors match. It is important to comprehend that the signal is only a suggestion. If you want to be a successful trader, your actions should be thought-out and reasoned. Besides, you need to know the structure of the signal.

                                                                     Structure of signal

1. Asset — currency pair.  

2. Price — price when a signal emerges.    

3. Time — a time when a signal emerges. 

4. Expiration — the time of the signal’s expiration. 

5. Power — number of profitable options in the past with the current combination of indicators. 

6. Signal — CALL or PUT options.

7. Algorithm — algorithm of signal generation.

8. Heatmap — statistical winning percentage calculated for the values of the technical indicator on different timeframes.

Start to receive the best crypto signals now!

  • Open the Free account online or download the vfxAlert. On the free account, you can practice without financial risks and understand how the software works. 

  • Find a trustworthy broker. You can read the review of the traders on the internet or ask the trading community.

  • Develop a trading strategy to make your actions more consistent. Read our blog, there are many good strategies for all. 

  • Connect vfxAlert application with telegram messenger and receive the best crypto signals straight to your mobile phone. Watch the video to know how to do it.

  • Trading with cryptocurrencies is available on the Pro account. When you build up the trading strategy, open the Pro account, and you will receive the best crypto signals. 


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